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15 Best Indoors Games for 2 to 3-Year-Olds

Are you stuck inside with an active toddler? Here are a bunch of best indoor s games for 2-3-year-olds that are funny, sensory, and creative games they can play to stay busy and happy. When the weather outside is not good, it can be hard to come up with things to do with your toddler, who is always on the go and cannot focus on one thing for too long.

You need a lot of different activities for your toddler to choose from throughout the day, including things that are physical, artistic, crafty, sensory, fun, or just plain silly. So, we’ve come up with 15 tried-and-true games for toddlers, some of which may require a bit of preparation and none.

Hide and seek

If you made a list of indoor games, you couldn’t leave out “Hide and Seek,” could you? One person, called “It,” covers their eyes and counts out loud while the other players hide. When “It” is done counting, they look for the people who hid the objects. The person who was last found hiding is the next “It.” Be warned: this game often makes people laugh out loud. Families with older kids might want to step it up a notch and play “Hide and Seek” in the dark. Make sure there are no loose things on the floor to be safe. If you want, “It” can carry a flashlight, or you can turn on the lights when it’s done counting.

Treasure Hunt

Kids like searching for hidden treasures, especially if there is a prize at the end. Think beyond the box and jot down your clues on a few pieces of paper. You can make it easy for your child to find the first clue by putting it in their snack or cereal bowl. Make a trail of clues leading to the final room by scattering them throughout the house. Treasure hunts might lead to hidden coins around the house. As a result, the children can collect their entire prize and deposit it in their piggy banks.


Bubbles can be fun even if you don’t go outside. Each player needs a plate, a straw, dishwashing liquid, and water for this indoor game and then put a drop of dish soap the size of a dime in the middle of each plate. Pour a little water onto the plate and mix it gently with the dish soap until suds start to form. Have the kids put the straw in the suds and blow very softly. Look as huge bubbles begin to form. Try to blow the biggest or longest-lasting bubbles for fun.

Take Part in a Game of Dress-Up

Bring out a large pile of your child’s old clothes and encourage them to play “dress up.”

You are welcome to join in the fun as well, but it is far more beneficial for them to play in groups with two or three other children their age.

Simon Says

This old favorite will never lose its charm. To begin, choose one person to be Simon. This should be a parent for the first round. The other players will stand in a circle or line in front of Simon and do what he says. For example, “Simon says… touch your toes.” The other players then have to touch their toes as Simon did. If Simon tells the kids to do something without saying, “Simon says,” they can’t do it. If a child touched his toes when Simon didn’t say…, that child is out of the game. Simon can trick players into doing things he didn’t say in many great ways. For example, Simon can do something without saying anything, or he can do something that doesn’t match the command. Fun! The last person still playing wins and takes over as Simon.

Indoor Basketball

This version of basketball is for kids of all ages. You only need a bucket and a sock wrapped up for this task. Throwing the sock ball into the bucket is a shared experience for the group. When players make a basket, they step back and shoot again until they miss. The person who shoots the ball into the basket from the farthest distance wins the game.

Indoor Hopscotch

This game is a favorite outdoor game and is sure to be a hit indoors, too. You can play hopscotch on any kind of floor. Masking tape will work just fine to connect the nine squares. Boxes 1-3 will be stacked on top of each other in a single line. The next two boxes (4 and 5) will be put next to each other, then a single box (6), two more boxes (7 and 8), and finally, the half-circle “home” base (9). Next, pick a marker, like a coin, a rock, or a beanbag.

The first player throws the marker into square 1, making sure it doesn’t hit the lines or bounce.  If this works, the player will hop, putting one foot on single squares and two feet on squares next to each other to avoid square #1. Before going back, the player can rest at “home.” Then they will hop back, they pick up on square #1 the marker and, if successful (lands within the lines, jumps or hops with the right footing, doesn’t fall), take another turn and throw it into square #2. When a player fails, the next person in line takes a turn. When players turn again, they throw the marker on the last box they played. The first player to throw the marker home (#9) and finish the course without making mistakes wins.

Fill the Cardboard Box

Find a medium-sized or large cardboard box and cut the top off of it. Put it on the floor in front of your toddler and show them how to put things in it, like toys, cushions, books, and other things. Close the top flaps when it’s almost full, and then open them with a flourish. Now it’s time to take everything out of the box! Your child might also like to move the full box around on the floor.


Choose some songs that your kids like and turn up the volume. Ask them to keep dancing until the music stops. When it does, they have to freeze wherever they are, even if they are standing on one leg. Ask the kids to freeze in animals, shapes, letters, or even yoga poses to make the game more challenging. This game is especially fun for toddlers.

Magical Mom or Dad

Be like Harry Houdini for your kids without the locks, water tanks, and chains. Just put a coin on the bottom of one of the three cups and move the cups around. Then, have your kids guess which cup has the coin in it. Parents who want to be sneaky can put the cups near the edge of a table and drop the coin from behind. See how amazed your little ones are when they find out the coin is gone.


Puzzles are an excellent way to improve your kid’s creativity, intelligence, and problem-solving ability. You can buy them already made or let the kids make their own. Put some cardboard or Bristol board in front of your youngsters and allow them to express their creativity.  Then, they should use a pencil to draw the edges of the puzzle pieces right on their drawing. Use a good pair of scissors to cut out the pieces, mix them up, and start solving. Games and making things are both fun things to do inside.

Paper-Bag Skits

This indoor game is great for big groups and is a sleep-overs favorite. Separate the children into groups. Give each group a bag with props like a spoon, a sock, a ball, or a ribbon in it. Then give them 15 minutes to use the props to make a skit. This game is so much fun that it doesn’t have to be a race. But if the kids want, they can all vote on which skit they think it is the best.

DIY Balance Beam

Why not make your own balance beam while you have the masking tape out? Everyone knows that kids love to walk in straight lines whenever they can. Turn on some music, and the kids can take turns walking across the straight line of tape by putting one foot in front of the other. To make the game harder, have the kids walk backward or stand on one foot on the line.

Coloring Activities

Paint each part of a pie chart a different color to make a color wheel. Then choose small toys and other things that are all the same color. Once you have a basket full of treats, let your child put each one in the color that goes with it. Even on a rainy day, this is such a fun way to learn the colors.

Indoor Bowling

You can use empty water bottles. Line up six to ten water bottles at the end of the room. Using duct tape, create the starting line. Find a ball that is about the size of a tennis ball and start rolling it.  To make the game exciting, give out prizes your kids will love. You can fill the bottle with water to make the game more challenging.


The list of the best games for 2-3-Year-old indoor ideas to play during cold weather is long, but we have chosen these 15 games for you. Games are funny, sensory, and creative. Treasure hunts might lead to hidden coins around the house. Bubbles can be fun even if you don’t go out in the cold weather. Play Simon Says, hopscotch, and indoor basketball is fun activities for kids of all ages.

Use your child’s old clothes to play “Dress-Up” with other kids their age. Pick a marker, like a coin or a beanbag, and make sure it doesn’t hit the lines or bounce. The first player to throw the marker home and finish the course without making any mistakes wins. Puzzles are a good way to work on your child’s creativity and intelligence. Separate the children into groups and give them 15 minutes to make a paper bag skit.

They can all vote on which skit they think it is best for each group. DIY Balance Beam and Indoor Bowling are fun ways to teach your kids how to walk in straight lines. Paint each part of a pie chart a different color to make a color wheel and then choose small toys and other things that are all the same color.

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