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Why not Baby Walker? It’s Unsafe!

Why Risky?

Because baby walkers add to physical mobility. Babies can reach a higher and wider range at home, and move faster on walkers than on their own. It means they are exposed to more hazards. According to recall cases recorded in CPSC and research of AAP(American Academy of Pediatrics), the majority of injuries is stairway fall( Rolling down from stairs often leads to broken bones, head injuries, or even death. If you are lucky enough to get just bruises and scratches, it is not a nice experience. The second mechanism of injury is falling out of the walker, which also often leads to injuries of necks and heads. Besides, babies on walkers could reach unprotected outlets, pull down your table cloth on which you may place hot coffee, and reach the space heaters much easier. 

Some may wonder if the situations are under the supervision of caregivers or not. The hard truth is most cases happened with attentive parents. You just can’t react as quickly as what happened.

It does not Help on Development of Mobility!

When babies start to toddle, the infant walker seems like a perfect solution to prevent them from falling and getting hurt meanwhile helping babies learn to walk without the support of parents. However, there is no evidence to prove this seeming correct idea. Unlike what it looks like, it may delay babies’ motor skill development. They need not practice how to balance themselves on the walkers. Whether they lean forward or tip over, the walker will catch them. 

What does the Law Say?

Baby walkers are banned in Canada. The American Academy of Pediatrics has called for a ban on the manufacture and sale of baby walkers with wheels as well. 

It simply does not worth the great risk to have fun with baby walkers. If you already have one, throw it away. 

Alternatives for Baby Walker

What’s more, we have lots of safe alternatives for toddlers. You can try stationary activity centers, play yards, baby swings, and highchairs.  Of course, they will get bored in the same place. Who doesn’t? Just use your imagination to create fun. Your love and company, are much more valuable than any baby product to them. 

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