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Nursing Chair: How to Choose the Right One

When a mother doesn’t have the right tools, like a nursing chair, feeding her child can be hard and tiring. Experienced parents will tell you that a cozy nursing chair is a lifesaver, whether it’s used for breastfeeding, late-night cuddles, or story time. Even if some people think nursing chairs are a waste of money and that any chair would do, the comfort they offer is worth the cost. There are a lot of different nursing chairs on the market, so which is the best nursing chair? This post will discuss the 8 Best Nursing Chairs and make recommendations based on how you live and how much money you have.

Our Picks

  • Best Overall Nursing Chair. Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman. $179.99.
  • Best Back Support Gliding Chair. Jummico Recliner Chair. $149.99.
  • Best Eco-Friendly Glider. DaVinci Owen Glider and Storage Ottoman. $289.99.
  • Best Budget-Friendly Recliner. Homall Recliner Chair. $129.99.
  • Best Stylish Glider. Costzon Baby Glider and Ottoman Cushion Set. $279.99.

Nursing Chair Product Reviews

Here are some of the best buys you can consider:

Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman

06550 6161 MAIN WhitewithTaupeSwirl

Item weight: 45 lbs. | Maximum Weight of Users: 250 lbs. | Material: 100% Polyester |

This product brightens your nursery, makes feeding time easier and adds character to the room. The new swirl cushion is comfortable and durable. With metal ball-bearings, this glider rocks smoothly. Solid wood construction makes these pieces sturdy beyond the baby years.

This glider and the ottoman combination has ample seating, padded arm cushions, and a pocket to store your belongings. The encased metal ball bearings provide a relaxing gliding action that helps you unwind.

It has spot-cleanable back and seat cushions, allowing them to maintain its like-new appearance throughout the year. Furniture for the nursery that is simple to put together. Child-friendly coatings that are non-toxic.

  • The chair is very comfortable and rocks very smoothly.
  • There are two cute colors to choose from espresso and grey.
  • ASTM and CPSC have safety rules that the chairs meet.
  • It was made with large storage pockets so it can hold a wide range of accessories, including books.
  • Remarkably reliable and lasts for a long time.
  • Simple to clean and put together.
  • It doesn’t have a reclining feature, so it can’t be put in different positions.
  • There is no way to lock the door, so it can’t move back and forth. It could be a worry for some parents.
  • The glider is not already put together, and putting it together may take some time.

JUMMICO Recliner Chair

81hh5C1M2hL. AC SL1500

Item weight: 54 lbs. | Maximum Weight of Users: 265 lbs. | Material: Linen

The manufacturer puts high-quality, breathable fabric and a lot of padding on the JUMMICO recliner chair. These features add to the room’s comfort and coziness and work well in the living room, bedroom, or home theater. You can easily move the back of the recliner from 90 degrees to 165 degrees so you can read, watch TV, or take a nap. Also, the steel frame makes the experience more stable.

The Jummico single adjustable recliner chair comes in many different colors, so it’s easy to find one that looks good in your home. It’s also easy to put together. Everything was ready to use in just a few minutes.

If you’re not sure you can build this on your own, you can always contact their customer service team, who are always ready with answers to any questions you might have. The footrest is the best part of this small space recliner because it can be changed to fit your comfort level.

  • It is more stable than others because of its steel frame design.
  • Easy to adjust from 90 degrees to 165 degrees to easy to watch tv, relax and take a nap, and read books.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Compliment any interior.
  • The chair’s arms were not quite as tall as they should have been for a traditional recliner.

DaVinci Owen Glider and Storage Ottoman

91Vmshq9LfL. SL1500  1

Item weight: 99 lbs. | Maximum Weight of Users: 300 lbs. | Material: Polyester

What space this glider takes up, it makes up for in hidden storage. This beautiful nursery glider has a pocket on the side and an ottoman with a removable top that hides a toy storage bin (or extra diapers).  

It also has a 360-degree swivel motion and is made of soft, durable material that will last through the toddler years. It’s also Greenguard Gold certified, which means it’s been tested for more than 10,000 chemicals, so you can be sure it’s safe for your baby.

The foam used in making the seat meets all the requirements for CA TB117-2013 flammability. It is certified by CertiPUR-US, which certifies that the foam is made without heavy metals, CFCs, Tris flame retardants, formaldehyde, or PBDE.

  • Safe with Greenguard Gold certified tested free from several chemicals.
  • Meets the flammability requirements.
  • With an ottoman which serves as a storage to keep your baby toys.
  • It has a 360-degree glider.
  • With a solid metal base and lumbar pillow.
  • It is not as comfortable as the other models, and the armrests are a bit narrow.

Angel Line Monterey Glider & Ottoman

61bspN6lHeL. SL1179

Item weight: 50 lbs. | Maximum Weight of Users: 250 lbs. | Material: Polyester

Angel Line is another glider manufacturer that makes furniture that looks good and serves its purpose. Their Monterey glider chair looks amazing and has a lot of features. Metal bearings inside the chair make it easy to glide, and it includes comfortable, padded arms and compartments for storage. With the ottoman, you can put your feet up and soothe your baby at the same time.

The Monterey glider is an excellent choice if comfort is your main objective. It has a lot of added space, and putting it together isn’t too hard. We admire this gliding chair for a nursery, but it’s not made for longer use. If you are looking for a chair that will last for many years this is not the one.  But because the price is so low, it might be a good investment in the short term.

  • Plenty of room to sit, with padded arms and pockets for storage.
  • Cleaning the removable chair cushion is easy.
  • Sturdy wood frame.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • With additional pockets as storage.
  • It is not as durable as the others.

DaVinci Piper Upholstered Recliner and Swivel Glide

A1bOgBLtnBL. SL1500

Item weight: 97 lbs. | Maximum Weight of Users: 300 lbs. | Material: Polyester

DaVinci piper is another great DaVinci creation and one of the best nursery glider recliners. Like the other, this seat is also evaluated for over 10,000 chemical emissions. It helps keep infants’ surroundings clean. The seat is also made for pregnant mothers. The chair’s metal foundation is calming and quiet.

The chair’s general structure is also quite durable. The chair swivels 360 degrees. Smoother swivel than similar recliners. It also features a 130-degree gliding function. You can customize it to your liking and rest easily. This chair has a high-quality footrest, unlike the last.

Unlike the previous seat, this one includes a retractable footrest. Like the chair’s back, the footrest is well-padded for comfort. Some may not like the footrest because it’s hard to retract. The rest is fine. The built-in footrest lowers space and lets you place the seat anywhere.

The set’s back and armrests are also padded. It will let you relax and be comfortable. This one also contains a toxic-free, all-ages-safe substance suited for nurseries.

  • A built-in footrest that you can pull out.
  • Compact seat.
  • The chair can swivel and recline easily.
  • It is safe for babies.
  • Assembling the chair is easy.
  • It doesn’t rock when you’re lying down.

Homall Recliner Chair

61Lg UrOllL. AC SX679

Item weight: 57.2 lbs. | Maximum Weight of Users: 265 lbs. | Material: Leather

Homall Direct is a brand of furniture on Amazon that sells items at low prices. They can keep costs low because they sell products directly to customers instead of going through a middleman.

Even though the Homall Recliner Chair doesn’t have modern features like vibration or heating, it has a modern design with curved armrests, a lot of padding, and a strong, upgraded footrest. The high-quality PU leather is soft to the touch, so it won’t make you feel hot or uncomfortable, but it still looks like real leather.

This Homall Single recliner chair with a padded seat has a push-back reclining feature that lets you lean back in three different ways to relax, watch TV, or take a nap. Even though the chair doesn’t go back all the way (180 degrees), it goes back far enough to sleep in.

This Homall Recliner has a footrest that is twice as thick and has extra padding to keep your legs comfortable. Even when you lean back, the metal frame keeps it stable.

  • Lots of padding
  • Better footrest
  • Multiple reclining positions
  • No heat or massage
  • Lack of support for the lower back

IKEA Poang Chair

81P64bTT5sL. AC SX679

Item weight: 21.4 lbs. | Maximum Weight of Users: 375 lbs. | Material: Polyester

You can get this great armchair for your living room, study, or by the lounge. This chair’s layer-glued bent birch frame gives you the right amount of support and comfort while sitting.

When the back is the right height, it gives your neck good support. You can get a lot of different seat cushions that fit this chair, so you can easily change how it looks and use it for different things. With the right posture, you can sit in this chair for a long time without hurting your back.

This chair’s beige color makes it look good in any room, whether it’s light or dark, so you never have to worry about that. This chair also comes with a 10-year limited warranty, so you can be sure it will last for a long time.

  • Its durability is better than others.
  • The aesthetic look of this chair can complement any interior.
  • With good padding, which makes it very comfy.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • No control to recline. You have to do it manually.

Costzon Baby Glider and Ottoman Cushion Set

61L0DuiEsTL. AC SX679  1

Item weight: 99 lbs. | Maximum Weight of Users: 400 lbs. | Material: Polyester

Costzon is the best example of how to make a chair that is both useful and stylish. Their glider in the nursery is made of beech wood and has a lot of padding to make it more comfortable. You can also put important things in the side pockets, and the back and seat cushions can be removed, making the chair easy to clean.

The nursery glider from Costzon is a great choice if you want a chair that is easy to put together, clean, and comfortable. The only thing we don’t like about the chair is that it could use better padding. You might need to add an extra cushion for more support, but overall, it’s a great chair at a fair price.

  • Storage pockets are big enough.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The seat and back cushions are removable.
  • The padding is not thick enough.

Do You Need a Nursing Chair?

A nursing chair is not as essential as other baby accessories, but it provides many benefits you should consider buying. Some of the benefits you can enjoy from getting one are as follows:

Comfortably Nurse Your Baby

Babies eat a lot throughout the day. A chair that supports you and allows you to relax your legs and arms while feeding your baby will allow you to concentrate on their comfort instead of your own. Sitting here to feed your child in the wee hours is quite helpful particularly when your baby is not yet on a regular schedule.  Do you need to breastfeed in a nursing chair? This may not be necessary, but it sure makes the process comfortable for you and your baby.

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, you may find it hard on your back to sit on a bed or an ordinary chair. A nursing chair is easier on your body so that you can take care of your child at your best.

Feeding is best done in a bigger rocking chair with padded arms. The padded cushions give you the comfort you want, and the soft, rolled arms give your arms a break from holding your baby. Most of these chairs are made of easy-to-clean polyester and linen.

Take Time To Read And Play

On a cozy rocking chair, you can spend time with your baby. Reading to your baby is a great way to teach those words, feelings, and how to get along with other people. Also, if they don’t want to do tummy time on their own in their bed or crib, you can let them practice while they’re still small by putting them on your chest. They might feel more comfortable moving around when you hold them and can practice tummy time on your soft skin.

Put Your Infant To Sleep

Babies love to be rocked and moved around. A glider chair is great in your baby’s room because babies find comfort in repetitive movements. A nursing chair is a great short-term solution if your infant is teething or going through a fussy phase. We know that rocking your baby to sleep every night isn’t the best thing, but a rocking chair may be the only thing that can help when your baby is fussy.

So, while you’re rocking your baby to sleep, you can recharge your batteries for the remainder of the day. A rocking chair is also a great time for the infant and mother to have a deeper connection, which is very important. You and your baby can relax and spend quality time together as the chair rocks back and forth.

Having a bassinet connected to a rocking chair is a unique feature. You can do your work while your baby sleeps in the chair next to you. When your child is too big for the bassinet, you can take it off and turn it into a normal rocking chair.

Completes Your Baby’s Room

A baby’s room isn’t complete without a rocking chair. A comfortable rocking chair next to your baby’s crib is a nice touch. Throw a quilt over the back or put a colorful back pillow on it to make it more unique and comfortable. You can choose from a lot of different rocking chairs, so you don’t have to settle for ones that are too big or aren’t very good.

A Spot Designed For Moms To Sit

Having a rocking chair next to your child’s bed in the nursery may make them feel more secure while they sleep. A rocking chair lets you stay close while being comfortable. You can rub their chest as they slowly fall asleep, hum a soft lullaby, or just let them know you’re still there.

During developmental or transitional stages, you will have to sleep in the nursery some nights. If you have to stay in the nursery while the baby sleeps, a rocking chair gives you a place to sit and enjoy some much-needed time to yourself. On a soft rocking chair, you can read your favorite book, sip a warm herbal tea, or update your social media.

How to Pick Up a Nursing Chair?

If you decide to buy a nursing chair, keep in mind that you should be able to use it for all of your children. So, you want to know what to think about when choosing a chair for a nursery. Below are the things you need to consider when deciding which nursing chair to buy:

The Budget

If you buy a nursery chair yourself, the first thing to think about is how much you can spend. Don’t spend more than you can afford, of course, but the good news is that you can usually find something in your price range.

The Available Space

Before you buy a chair, one of the first things you should do is measure how much space you have in the room where you want it. Make sure there is enough room for the room to recline, rock, or glide without hitting other furniture or the wall.

If you don’t have much room, gliders take up less space than rockers or recliners.


Parents worry about putting a rocking chair in a nursery because small children could get their fingers stuck between the chair’s legs. Gliders, on the other hand, have safety guards to keep fingers from getting pinched. Many gliders also have a way to lock the chair that you have to unlock before you can move it.

Future Use

Since a nursing chair is not at all inexpensive, you should consider what you can do with it when you have finished feeding your child in the chair throughout the night or while rocking them in it.

If you get a chair for the baby’s room that has a contemporary style or fabric, you’ll be able to utilize it in other rooms of your house without it being too out of place.

You could then move the recliner from the room where the baby was sleeping to the living room, where you could then use it to read in comfort. Rocking chairs are a stylish addition to any area, including the living room.

The Weight and Height of the Users

You need to take into consideration not just your weight and height, but also the weight and height of anyone else who will be utilizing the chair.

Make sure the back of the chair is tall enough to accommodate the taller of the two of you, especially if one of you is significantly taller than the other. Larger hips will be accommodated by a wider seat. In addition, bigger parents will need to ensure that the seat can support their weight.

Simple to clean

Expect diaper explosions, spit-ups, etc., from babies. Therefore, the chair you use for nursing should be simple to disinfect. The chair must be constructed out of a durable fabric and have removable seat covers that can be washed in a machine.


Most moms prefer a nursing chair with good back support for their lower back. This keeps your back safe when you have to sit for a long time. Also, lumbar support helps people stand up straight. Some chairs come with lumbar support pillows that you can use whenever you sit in the chair for extra comfort.


Try feeding a fussy baby in an uncomfortable chair. Choosing a comfortable breastfeeding chair for you and your baby can be tricky. Many soon-to-be parents sacrifice comfort for style, which may seem obvious.

First, look for padded armrests. After a while, even tiny babies can feel heavy. You’ll need help to feel your arms 20 minutes into a feeding. Armrests allow for better nursing positioning, which can support a successful latch.

Make sure you, baby, and a nursing pillow fit comfortably in the chair. You shouldn’t constantly adjust or fight for space.

Footrests or ottomans are helpful if you have short legs. Elevating your feet relieves lower back pressure and helps you relax.

You’re going to need a padded back and seat for this (especially if it has a wooden structure).  These aspects contribute to the chair’s overall level of coziness.


Choose a stain-resistant, easy-to-clean fabric for messes. Microfiber and leather-like products that can be wiped down are good choices.

Choose a chair that glides, rocks, or swivels. A glider may be more space-efficient than a rocker. What you find helpful also matters. A swiveling chair at a breastfeeding station could help you reach nearby items.


Last, you’ll see that there are many different kinds of nursing chairs. Cut down your options to ones that fit your budget and your home’s style.

Consider whether this chair will be used by the whole family in a common room or just in the nursery, and choose a style that goes well with the room.


The nursing chair provides many benefits. Some people think nursing chairs are a waste of money and that any chair would do. This post will talk about the 8 Best Nursing Chairs and make recommendations based on how much money you have. A rocking chair is a great short-term solution if your baby is teething or going through a fussy phase. It’s also great for skin-to-skin time with an infant, which is very important.

A rocking chair gives you a place to sit and enjoy some much-needed time for yourself. Consider how much space you have in the room and how much money you can spend. Choose a chair for breastfeeding that’s comfortable for you and your baby. The chair should be made with strong fabric and seat covers that can be washed in a machine.

We hope our list of the eight best nursing chairs has helped you find the best one for your needs. Please tell your family and friends about this if you find it helpful.

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