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The Top 10 Best Kids Go Kart to Keep Your Little Ones Active

Toys aren’t just there to keep the kids occupied—they may teach them stuff, too! Toy-wise, one can pick from a wide variety of options. You should consider getting a go-kart for your youngster if they are old enough and skilled enough to drive one. Go-karts are awesome since they look like cars and can transport you everywhere.

Finding the best go-karts for kids can get them to spend more time outside instead of just playing with their electronics. The excitement of go-karts isn’t limited to adults. Even kids can ride them safely. Let us lead the way and fill you in on all the details you need to know when choosing the right go-kart for your kids.

Our Top Picks

  • Best Valuable Go-Kart for Kids Under 8 Years Old: Radio Flyer Ultimate Go-Kart, $329.00
  • The Best Pedal Go Kart for Kids Ages 2-5: BERG Pedal Kart Buzzy Nitro, $205.00
  • Best Electric Go Cart for Kids 8 Years Old and Up: Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart, $755.99
  • Best Low-Cost Go Cart for Kids Ages 3 to 8: Costzon Kids Go Kart, $119.99
  • The Best Electric GoKart for Outdoor Race Pedal: Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart Pro, $1753.87
  • The Best 6-Volt Rechargeable Go Kart for Kids Up to 55 Pounds: Kid Trax Disney Kids Mickey Roadster Racer, $135.98
  • The Best Drift Machine GoKart for Kids 9 Years and Up: Razor Crazy Drifting Cart – 24V Electric Go Kart, $399.00
  • Best Premium Off Road Go Kart for Kids Over 13: Coleman Powersports Go Kart, $1891.99
  • The Best Shift Go Kart for Riders Up to 120 Pounds: Razor Crazy Cart Shift, $269.98
  • The Best Go Kart for Boys Ages 4 to 8 Years Old: Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart, $199.98

Different Types of Go Kart

Below are some types of go-karts based on how they function:

Pedal GoKart

A pedal go-kart is a type of go-kart that operates similarly to a bicycle. The go-kart is propelled not by gravity or electricity but by pedal force. It is the old-fashioned way of providing power to the machine.

A pedal go-kart is similar in appearance to a little race car and sits low to the ground. Adults frequently compete in these races. A small steering wheel, similar to that of a car, will be available to the go-kart rider, allowing them to direct the direction and speed of their pedal-powered vehicle. The go-brake karts are conveniently located within arm’s length.

Electric GoKart

Electric go-karts, as opposed to gasoline-powered ones, are propelled by electric motors and batteries. Electric karts are heavier than gas-powered and pedal go-karts because their engines are more powerful. Therefore, the maximum speed of an electric kart is just about 50 miles per hour.

Gas Powered GoKart

In gas-powered go-karts, the engine can only speed up so fast before it reaches its “power band,” or the highest RPM it can reach. The large engine found on most gas go-karts is positioned in one spot, creating an uneven ride. But the weight of the batteries in electric go-karts is spread out evenly. This makes the ride more comfortable when turning sharp corners.

The Best Go Kart For Kids Product Reviews

Here are 10 of the best kids’ go-karts on the market you can consider buying:

Radio Flyer Ultimate Go-Kart

71nb98flPJL. AC SX679

Age suitability: 3 to 8 Years Old | Product Dimension: 43″ L x 30.25” W x 37.2″ H | Item Weight: 45.86 lbs. | Max child weight: 81 lbs| Max Speed: 8 mph

For younger kids, we highly recommend the Radio Flyer Ultimate Go-Kart. Safety precautions are built into these go-karts, such as a speed lock that parents can adjust and three different speeds at which kids may practice driving. The seat of this go-kart is height-adjustable, so it can be used for several years as your child develops. It also means drivers of varying heights and weights can hop in.

This is the most advanced drifting vehicle possible because of the rubber traction on the front tires and wide slicks on the rear wheels. The whole thing weighs 21 kilograms and looks pretty tough. There is some light assembly to do, like putting on the wheels and steering, etc.

Any Power Wheels from the 1980s pale in comparison to the Ultimate Go-Kart. It is made of steel and has a simple look. The power comes from a 24V battery that takes about eight hours to fully charge with the 1 Amp charger that comes with the device.

  • It features a 24-volt battery pack that can be recharged.
  • Includes a parent-controlled speed lock.
  • With 3 driving speed selections.
  • Adjustable seat to fit the rider.
  • Battery life could have been longer.
  • The go-kart is quite loud.

BERG Pedal Kart Buzzy Nitro

71z lWlmg2L. AC SX679

Age suitability: 2 to 5 Years Old | Product Dimension: 32.68″ L x 19.29” W x 19.69″ H | Item Weight: 15.4 lbs. | Max child weight: 66 lbs| Max Speed: n/a

The Berg Buzzy Nitro go-kart is a trendy option for young children because it is compact and simple. The go-pedal kart’s layout and ergonomic improvements make it easy to sit in, maneuver, and gain speed. The comfortable seat may be adjusted as your child grows.

The Berg Pedal Kart Buzzy is very stable because of its four wheels. The tricycle’s center of gravity is located quite near the slanted line, which is the line connecting the front and back wheels. A tricycle and its passenger are more likely to go over while being driven swiftly or abruptly around a bend. The Buzzy’s tilt line is further out and further from the center of gravity because of the vehicle’s four wheels.

The pedals and handlebars of the Buzzy can be used separately, which is different from a tricycle. This ensures that the pedals don’t move when you steer and that your feet always stay firmly on the pedals. So, riding and steering don’t affect each other, which makes it much more fun to ride on the Buzzy.

  • Easy-to-manage pedals.
  • With four solid EVA tires.
  • Adjustable handle and seat.
  • Very stable on the ground while on the move.
  • The go-kart appears to be too small for a 5-year-old child.

Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart

41h02wI79iL. AC SX679

Age suitability: 8 Years Old and Up | Product Dimension: 40″ L x 32” W x 18″ H | Item Weight: 61 lbs. | Max child weight: 220 lbs| Max Speed: 10mph

The Segway Ninebot S Electric Go-Kart Drift Kit is an excellent addition to any Ninebot S, whether you already own one or are considering purchasing one. You’ll be able to take in the complete go-kart experience at speeds up to 10 mph. If you buy this go-kart, your child will become a drifting prodigy.

This go-kart features a forward/reverse switchable hand brake and brake pedal and a steering ratio of 2.1:1. Keep an eye out while your young drivers try their hand at some severe drifting.

The three driving settings on the Segway GoKart are suitable for various age groups. The length and height of the wheel’s frame can be adjusted, which have a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs, can be used by riders between the heights of 4′ 3″ and 6′ 5″ with a maximum slope of 15°.

  • Easy to carry, you can bring it anywhere.
  • It fits your kid’s body perfectly.
  • Not like regular go-karts, these can be driven in any direction.
  • Fast initial acceleration.
  • Weak when trying to ascend a hill

Costzon Kids Go Kart

612l2oI8yhL. AC SX679

Age suitability: 3 to 6 Years Old | Product Dimension: 37″ L x 24.8” W x 20.1″ H | Item Weight: 16.8 lbs. | Max child weight: 55 lbs| Max Speed: 3-5mph

We suggest checking out this go-kart from Costzon for kids aged 3 to 6. It’s a sturdy little device that can be ridden everywhere, whether inside or out. The bright colors and fun design are a big draw for young riders. The go-kart is propelled by pedals and has non-slip wheels, making it safe and simple to ride.

This product is made of non-toxic, odorless, lightweight polypropylene plastic and a metal frame. This pedal-powered go-cart gives your child control over their own pace and is a terrific way to keep them active and to move.

Because of the EVA rubber wheels, your children can drive a go-kart on any rough terrain, including grass and ground, without getting into an accident. 

  • Made of durable and premium material.
  • Durable construction.
  • Has anti-slip wheels.
  • Comfortable seats.
  • Non-slip pedals.
  • A bit small for a 6-year-old kid.

Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart Pro

71oZze55T5L. AC SX679  1

Age suitability: 8 Years Old and up| Product Dimension: 55.9″ L x 33.5” W x 23.6″ H | Item Weight: 112.9 lbs. | Max child weight: 220 lbs| Max Speed: 10 mph

The Gokart PRO has undergone extensive testing with a professional Gokart racer for two years, honing its performance in key areas, including steering and durability. The Ninebot PRO can accommodate drivers from 4’5″ to 6’3″ thanks to its height-adjustable frame and steering wheel. Due to its high torsional rigidity, the high-strength structure can support a load of up to 220 pounds.

The Ninebot Pro is a powerful yet quiet electric vehicle with a range of up to 23.6 miles and a top speed of 12.4 mph, depending on riding style and terrain. Two hub motors and a 432Wh air-cooled battery pack are included with the Ninebot S MAX.

The S MAX engine, which was created for your child’s safety, instantly pauses when it notices unusual motions, such as lifting or falling. The hand-control steering wheel provides more stability and control. Due to its small size, the Ninebot S MAX may be used anywhere you go and fits conveniently in a car trunk.

  • Impressive acceleration.
  • Turning in tight, small radiuses is a breeze.
  • When it detects any irregular motion, the engine immediately shuts off.
  • A steering wheel that may be operated by hand increases control and steadiness.
  • Compact size.
  • Not intended for long use.

Kid Trax Disney Kids Mickey Roadster Racer

81hAdUv2jFL. AC SX679

Age suitability: 3 to 5 Years Old | Product Dimension: 36.19″ L x 15.15” W x 145.16″ H | Item Weight: 27.1 lbs. | Max child weight: 55 lbs| Max Speed: 2.5 mph

The Mickey Kid Trax will get you to the finish line in style. This miniature Go-Cart is perfect for riders between the ages of three and five, and it features everyone’s favorite Disney pals, including Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Daisy, Donald, and Pluto.

Little Mickey lovers may pretend to be real race car drivers with this toy car’s forward and reverse gears and realistic horn and engine sounds. The Mickey Mouse-shaped front engine glows for more merriment as you drive.

A one-step-direct connect charging system makes charging simple. The 6-volt rechargeable battery and charger are included to continue the fun.

  • Realistic driving experience for your little ones.
  • Tires with rubber traction treads provide a smooth and stable ride.
  • Easy to charge with its one-step direct connect charging system.
  • The engine is not as powerful as the others.

Razor Crazy Cart – 24V Electric Drifting Go Kart

81S4xV AkDL. AC SX679

Age suitability: 9 Years Old and Up | Product Dimension: 37″ L x 19” W x 24″ H | Item Weight: 55.2 lbs. | Max child weight: 120 lbs| Max Speed: 12 mph

With speeds of up to eight miles per hour and steering that is evocative of the movie “Fast and Furious,” your kids will have an exhilarating experience on this ride. It is one of the go-karts that is the least difficult to repair and keep in full working order. They also have a decent amount of gameplay thanks to the battery life of forty minutes.

By changing the angle of the rear caster, you can use the patented drift system to drive and drift forward, backward, to the side, diagonally, or anywhere in between. Up to 12 mph can be reached using the Razor Crazy Cart’s foot pedal acceleration different speed.

Drivers can fully control their drifts, spins, and turns thanks to the Drift Bar. Front caster wheels with anti-tip technology and pneumatic tires will keep your kids safe.

  • Top speed control switch for easy adjustment of speed.
  • Durable construction.
  • Achieve the speed that you want.
  • Made from premium quality materials.
  • Power efficient.
  • Heavy and hard to move around

Coleman Powersports Off-Road Go Kart

71RYhivujcS. AC SL1500

Age suitability: 13 Years Old and Up | Product Dimension: 68″ L x 44” W x 47″ H | Item Weight: 330 lbs. | Max child weight: 400 lbs| Max Speed: 15 mph

This gas-powered go-kart is one of the best high-end go-karts you can buy. If money is no object and you want to buy the best of the best, this is the one you should think about. This gas-powered go-kart is not only fast but was also made with safety in mind.

Gas is used to power the Coleman Powersports Go Kart, which has a 0.95-gallon fuel tank and can run on regular gas from a nearby gas station. This go-kart doesn’t need any special fuel.

The 196cc/6. 5hp, fully automated, 4-stroke, OHV, the one-cylinder engine will provide you with plenty of power and fuel efficiency to get you over the terrain all day. The 4-point safety harness and heavy-duty padded roll cage will keep you secured while driving.

  • It has two comfortable padded seats.
  • A fully automatic engine with a powerful 4-stroke.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • It can be driven in any terrain.
  • Expensive.

Razor Crazy Cart Shift

717OYZvaqYL. AC SX679

Age suitability: 6 Years Old and Up | Product Dimension: 30.35″ L x 20.66” W x 12.8″ H | Item Weight: 22.22 lbs. | Max child weight: 120 lbs| Max Speed: 8 mph

The Crazy Cart Shift is a drifting cart made by Razor for kids who are eight years old or older. The lightweight frame and simple controls make it easy for younger drivers to drift and spin at safe speeds without worrying about complicated controls. This makes it the perfect gift for safety-conscious parents who have kids who want a go-kart.

Using the new top speed control switch, you can set the maximum speed for your child to either 8 mph (13 km/h) in the high-speed setting or low speed at 2.5 mph (4 km/h).

The simplified drift system on the Crazy Cart Shift lets drivers keep both hands on the wheel at all times while controlling their drifts with a careful balance of throttle control and counter steering. 

  • The battery can last up to 40 mins.
  • Give just the right amount of drive and drift.
  • Maintenance-free system.
  • It has safety features to protect your kids.
  • Hard to move around with.

Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart

61C41f9r9DL. AC SX679

Age suitability: 4-8 Years Old and Up | Product Dimension: 44″ L x 21” W x 22″ H | Item Weight: 22 lbs. | Max child weight: 120 lbs| Max Speed: n/a

This cool go-kart looks like the Batmobile for boys between the ages of 4 and 8. It’s a pedal model with parts that make it feel like the Dark Knight. Your child will be ready to speed down the road to save Gotham City from bad guys. The go-kart is easy to drive and has a hand brake that looks like a ball.

The pinnacle of pedal-powered go-karts for cruising the dark streets of Gotham City! Hauck’s Batmobile is equipped with a tilting seat, forward and backward sprockets, rubber tires are low-profile, and a durable steel tube chassis. This go-kart was developed for young heroes ages 4 and up.

It is a truly fun mobile due to its lightweight and sporty appearance. With this go-kart, kids may practice their strength, endurance, and responses while also learning their first traffic laws and even parallel parking. The go-kart is as safe as possible since the simple-to-use handbrake operates on both back wheels, limiting the speed even on bends. The bucket seat features a comfy backrest and can be adjusted to fit the length of the child’s leg.

  • The design resembles the authentic Batmobile.
  • Adjustable seats.
  • Three-Point Steering Wheel.
  • Pedals and brakes for racing.
  • The front bumper is easy to take off.

What to Look For When Buying a Go Kart for Kids

Here are some factors you need to consider when buying a go-kart for your kids:


Decide which type of go-kart you want to buy. If this is your child’s first vehicle, consider purchasing a pedal go-kart. But for older kids, you decide between gas-powered and electric-powered.


The good thing about go-karts is that most have frames made of tubular steel sides to keep them from rolling over. Most of the time, they’re pretty stable, but you should still try to find seatbelts, especially if the go-kart runs on gas or a battery. Also, look for tires that will last and have some grip. These will keep the go-kart from sliding, which would make the rider lose control.

Make sure there’s a safety flag on the road if you’re going to ride. You can always buy each of these on its own.


Don’t waste your money on a plastic go-kart. They’ll crack with the first hard bump. Choose tubular steel frames, as they are more resilient and last longer.


Think about how quickly it can travel before buying a go-kart driven by an engine or motor. Seek out routes with speeds between 9 and 15 miles per hour. This should be plenty for first-time riders.

More high-end go-karts may come with a speed limiter that parents may use to keep their kids safe. It typically involves locking gears to prevent the go-kart from shifting.

Weight Capacity

There is a maximum load that a go-kart can safely carry. This rule is important for the driver’s well-being and must be followed. It’s risky for someone too light to drive the go-kart since they might topple over, while someone too hefty could break it. This is essential information to consider before purchasing a go-kart.

Go Kart Safety

When riding a go-kart, the safety of your kids is very important. So we have listed some of the things you need to remember before letting your children ride the go-kart.

Do Not Let Them Wear Loose Clothing

Go-karts catch loose garments. Make sure your child’s clothes fit. Long hair should be tied back when riding a go-kart.

One Rider Per Go-Kart is Recommended 

If a go-kart has one seat, only one person should be inside. More riders risk serious harm. If your child rides an electric go-kart, it could cause irreversible injuries. Multiple people in a go-kart make it unbalanced. No one will be safe.

Buy the Right Go-Kart  

If your kid’s safety is the most important thing when riding a go-kart, then make sure you purchase the right go-kart for your child’s weight, height, and age.

A Few Safety Tips for Parents To Follow to Minimize the Risks

Put On the Safety Gear

Even if your kids aren’t driving in their go-kart at a fast speed, they must wear a helmet. Even minor head injuries, especially in children, can be serious. Buy a good helmet. Make sure it fits their head. A loose helmet is like not wearing one. Add elbow and knee pads are also a must to prevent painful injuries.

Put On Your Seat Belts

Most go-karts, especially those made for kids, are equipped with seatbelts. It is a must for your child to wear them all the time when riding a go-kart. Seatbelts were added in the go-kart to protect the riders from getting injured.  

Put a Light or Flag on Top of the Go Kart

Go-karts are low. Cars would have trouble seeing them. Your child shouldn’t utilize a go-kart near a road. They can ride it without encountering traffic. Put a little flag or light on the go-kart anyway. So, nearby vehicles can see the go-kart. A slight modification to the go-kart design could save a life.

Teach Your Kids How to Ride a Go Kart Safely

If there are multiple go-karts around, never bang the other karts. Tell your kids to avoid stopping randomly. You must teach your kids how to steer safely and use the brake properly. They should know when and where they can use their go-kart.

When is Your Kid Old Enough for a Go-Cart Race?

Kids can start karting in Entry Level classes between the ages of 6 and 7, and they can race karts when they are 8 years old. The junior sector is for people ages 8 to 15, and the senior sector is for people of all ages. When a child starts karting, the way to do it is very different from how an adult does it.


Go-karts are awesome since they look like cars and can transport you everywhere. There are different types of go-karts based on how they function. Electric go-karts are heavier because their engines are more powerful. The maximum speed of an electric kart is just about 50 miles per hour.

For younger kids, we highly recommend the Radio Flyer Ultimate Go-Kart. It features a 24-volt battery pack that can be recharged. The Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart Drift Kit is a great addition to any Ninebot S. This go-kart features a forward/reverse switchable hand brake and brake pedal as well as a steering ratio of 2.1:1. It’s a sturdy little device that can be ridden everywhere, whether inside or out. Disney Kids Mickey Roadster Racer is perfect for riders between the ages of three and five.

If you’re buying a go-kart for your child, consider the safety, durability, weight, and price. You must remember all the safety tips we mentioned here and how to prevent them. Kids can start karting in Entry Level classes between the ages of 6 and 7 and race karts when they are 8 years old. Seatbelts are a must for your child to wear when riding a go-kart. We hope this best kids’ go-kart guide will help you find the perfect kart for your active little ones.

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